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Test post from Windows Live Writer

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You can ignore this post, piggies, since it’s just a test of posting via the blog API that Drupal provides.  If this works out, maybe I’ll start posting more crappy content more often.  Or maybe I won’t.

Regular users won’t have remote blogging access, however, but I don’t see that being a problem.  No one gives a shit about this site, not even myself most of the time, but you can always ask for remote blog posting permissions if you really want them.

Drupal is so much better than PHP-Nuke ever was or ever can hope to be.  The PHP-Nuke codebase is pretty sloppy and even after all this time still generates a ton of errors and warnings on each page load.  For as long as PHP-Nuke has been around, there is absolutely no excuse for that to still be the case.  The Drupal people actively develop and maintain their code – it is an active community and not just some guy doing it in his spare time when he feels like it.  The Drupal people have set up an easy and automatic way to check for updates that doesn’t involve being on an email list or remembering to visit a page to look for updates manually.  Applying the updates themselves are incredibly easy and fast for both the modules and the site core.

Fuck PHP-Nuke.  I could never go back to that pile of cat shit after having tasted the sweet nectar of Drupal.