You are here merch still selling well & site updated

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The Bacon is Meat Candy merch (B&W t-shirts, color t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, and bumper stickers) are still selling quite well. I'm often amazed at how many have been sold. The sales come in spurts instead of as a constant flow. Feel free to drop us a line if you've bought one! But don't be fooled, all of the other designs, no matter how cool they may be, are copies of my original shirt – if the page doesn’t say pigfucker, it isn’t the real deal. Copying is flattery and all of that nonsense.

Just updated the site to the latest released version. The upgrade was quite clean and easy. Much easier than updating PHP-Nuke ever was. Speaking of, the site seems to be having significant difficulties the past few days. Good thing we don't rely on it anymore, huh?