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Fuck off, PHP-Nuke. Hello, Drupal.

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We've been using PHP-Nuke for a long, long time. For years I've been meaning to move away from it due to countless security issues, poor code, and slow development of it. It's been a decent ride, though. I've easily created several modules and blocks, but as time has gone on, the obviousness of needing to change to something else has become increasingly apparent. I'm not saying that PHP-Nuke is the worse thing out there or that Drupal is the best. I am saying, though, that PHP-Nuke still needs a lot of work. Far too much work which shouldn't have still needed to be done when it reached version 8.1. And then there was the weirdness over how the original author might have sold the codebase to someone who didn't make an announcement or something and a new undertaking by the original author ... all rumors with no official anything. Too much uncertainty. Drupal, in contrast, has active development. That doesn't mean it's the best or more featurefull, but it does mean it should be usable longer. There are hundreds of modules for it and I'm not the first to make this same conversion (I might write an article about that in the next week or so). So, anyway, I've got my work cut out for me. There's some modules/blocks/whatever that don't seem to exist which I want to make and there's quite a bit of other stuff I need to migrate over still, but here we are.
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