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Pigfucker merch in the wild

For quite a while now we've had some lame merch available for purchase. Here's some of it seen out in the wild. Ven image=inthewild/ven-large.jpg Ven runs Ven's News, which features news about the Lords of Acid and Praga Khan (both of whom he does webmaster stuff for as well as occasionally goes on tour with them), and the Children of Acid site. If you are at all interesting in the Lords of Acid ro Praga Khan, then you need to check those sites out. Cairo no image yet? I'm the one that runs the site, but I'm too lazy to find or make a picture of me wearing a pigfucker shit right now. Sorry, piggies. No One image=merch/shirt_l.jpg Black shirt with the URL and a saying on the back in white that reads, "you know you want to hear it squeel." These are 100% cotton Haines Beefy-T's - good shit by any means. As of September, 2002 we have about 14 of the XL sized ones in stock and available for sale or trade. The XXL sized shirts are also still in stock. We've got 19 of these tents right now. You tubby fucks will like these - They'll make you all irresistably sexy-looking and stuff. Do you want to be featured here? Tell us!