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Wanted: Gayniggers from Outter Space

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Cairo writes, "Wanted: An AVI or MPEG file containing all twenty or so minutes of the film, "Gayniggers from Outer Space" which was apparently released in 1992. According to the reviews/comments on IMDB, this is either the funniest or sorriest 20 minutes of film a lot of people have ever seen." So we just want to see it and Amazon doesn't carry it (huh). If you have it, or know where it can be found, please let us know either via feedback or email. What will we give to the person that is able to provide this for us? I don't know. One of our lame XXL sized first run t-shirts, perhaps? Possibly! Update: We've gotten a copy of it. It isn't worth the download, really, as it is only mildly amusing a little of the time. All but the last few minutes are black&white, it seems to have been dubbed, etc. The above quote is funny enough as it is. Let's leave it at that. Here's a quote from the film: Capt. B. Dick: I know you're afraid, ArmInAss, but my son- this is just one step on the long road to becoming a GayNigger. It started when your father gave birth to you... and who knows, maybe after this mission, you'll get the sign of the brown ring- and can truly call yourself a GayNigger. And that's what you've been preparing for since you went to GayAgent School. ArmInAss: You really think so, sir?
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However, I have been looking for a copy for awhile to no avail.  I hear you've got the goods.  Hook it up.